Vocational Training

In order to improve the quality of life and the economic well-being of people living especially in the rural areas, the CCMPS has been actively participating in providing different kinds of Vocational Training and Skill Development programs.

Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the nation said that India’s strength lies in its villages. Keeping this in mind, we at Charity Club Multipurpose Society understand that with the development of economies worldwide, the labor market will become more specialized and there will be demand of high level of skills both in government and business sector. This is where we come in – to provide vocational training and skill development programs by inviting resource person from government agencies and professionals in various fields.  Some of the projects we have undertaken are cutting and tailoring, knitting and embroidery, handloom and weaving, handicraft, livestock and farming, basic computer course, photography, eco-tourism. We believe that through our humble initiatives we will be able to provide opportunity to the problems and skill challenges face by people in rural areas. And it is our humble prayer that in the days to come, the private sector must also actively participate and should also introduce technology enabled skill development initiatives